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About Pacific Park Recovery

Addiction is brutal, and you deserve a refuge of treatment. Despite how you may feel, addiction is not something you can overcome on your own.

It requires focused, structured, customized, and comprehensive treatment to fully empower you to take on your addiction treatment with the help of Pacific Park Recovery and our network of addiction treatment centers. With hard work, the right attitude, and proper treatment, you can overcome what ails you and begin a life of happiness and sobriety.

No two people are the same, no two addictions are identical, and no two addiction treatment programs should be similar either. We go out of our way to get to know you, to understand your addiction, and to provide the proper treatment for those who desperately need it.


Not only will our employees not know how to help you, but your fellow clients won’t be willing to provide helpful advice if they believe you are not fully committed to the program. Therefore, you won’t be able to take part in the community that we foster during group meetings.


We also promote holistic treatment methods to help retrain your brain in order to seek legitimate pleasure and avoid the fabricated euphoria of drug addiction. These activities include yoga, meditation, hiking, and other outdoor physical exercises that will reinvigorate your health and ensure that your mental health returns to stability.


Community is pivotal during addiction treatment. You need to feel welcomed and motivated to keep going, and that requires the help of your fellow clients. You will finally feel as though you are not alone, and that your condition is widespread. The empathy you feel for other and the insight you will be provided will help you stay on track.


Pacific Park Recovery treats as many people as possible while making sure the treatment is intimate and personable. We get to know the clients very well and make sure their needs are met.

We are here for you

You don’t have to do this by yourself, in fact you can’t. And that’s okay. Pacific Park Recovery is dedicated to treating clients who are struggling with all kinds of addiction. We can help you break free from this debilitating disease. You can find a new life full of sobriety and reward. Contact us today to set up a free consultation at one of our drug rehab clinics so we can begin your treatment and your new life today!

Our Services

Pacific Park Recovery is committed to providing the finest addiction treatment methods with unprecedented care and compassion.

Supervised Detoxification

Going through withdrawal without the professional assistance of addiction experts is nearly impossible. That’s why we provide only strictly managed and supervised detox programs to ensure that you get over your physical dependence and move on to long-term treatment.

Individual Therapy

The first thing you will do when you finish detox is meet with your personal counselor to begin crafting your customized and comprehensive addiction treatment plan. Here you will also start venting your feelings and thoughts in order to liberate you from the chains of addiction.

Group Therapy

While in group sessions, you will have the once in a lifetime opportunity to get to share your struggles with those who understand and can help you. Together, the group will share their stories, listen to the similar challenges of others, and exchange invaluable advice of insight and experience.

Aftercare Services

Lastly, when you go to leave our addiction treatment facility, you will leave with your personalized addiction treatment program, as it had been altered accordingly in order to better meet your needs. You will continue much of the same treatment, but you will do so on your own, always with the guidance and support of everyone you’ve met and everything you’ve learned.
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